Sharpening my skills on HBO’s VEEP!

As a burgeoning content creator and storyteller, I was elated to be selected as one of the fortunate few to take part in HBO’s on-set training program on the award-winning show, VEEP. Read the Washington Post article about the HBO initiative:

The opportunity came with a chance to talk to The Washington Post about my plans to soon have an award-winning scripted show of my own that, perhaps, may film in DC like VEEP.

To say that those couple of weeks were some of the most exciting, intense, educational, scary (in a good way), and insightful of my life would still be an understatement. It was as close as I think I will get to a crash course on how the production world works.

HBO is taking some aggressive steps to bring new, diverse voices to the film/tv industry. I’m grateful to have been a part of this wonderful program.