Kayona Ebony Brown is a multi-hyphenate artist, whose journey began with the simple desire to tell stories. So she started the best (and only) way she knew how–writing.

After publishing her book, Tenth Letter, and seeing the overwhelmingly positive feedback, she knew she was on the right track. And so… she kept going, finding all kinds of ways to develop her storytelling ability. Eventually, she whet her appetite for visual storytelling by working on indie films, which led to directing music videos, which then led to her first short, Of Music & Men, for which she wore too many hats to name (even doing the web and graphic work for the project).

The project was initially created as a promotional tool to generate interest to support her vision for a digital multi-media franchise that features a half-hour scripted program–a project based on her own experience having run an independent record label for several years. The long, arduous road to producing the grand project led her to re-cutting its sizzle reel as a short film, which today, festival selections and award recognition are helping move her plans forward.

Kayona’s work can be found all across the web and she’s constantly working on indie projects to stay sharp, but recently she chose to step up her game even more by completing several programs with BBC and NFTS in filmmaking and screenwriting. Earlier this year, Brown was selected by HBO for a production training program with their hit show, Veep, an experience she credits for opening her eyes to how things “should be done.”

Kayona’s entrepreneurial spirit coupled with her artistic foundation has equipped her for an incredible future. She looks forward to sharing her books and screenplays with the world, and as a director with the growing success of her short film, she’s well on her way to seeing a career in entertainment where her talents will impact this and future generations.

“As an artist, my journey began with the simple desire to tell stories. I was 8-years-old when I started on this path. Today, I use a myriad of platforms, from novels and screenwriting, to acting and directing for stage and film. My experiences have contributed to the gift I hope to share with the world and the legacy I plan to leave.

“My mission is implemented into each and every one of my creations—to provide strong, unique and diverse voices of the female experience that will encourage dialogue and inspire a new generation of expressions.

“As an artistic entrepreneur, art is the foundation of all my business interests. I am a published author, an actor, a filmmaker (writer/director), and an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurially, my goal is to use my creativity to build the most significant independent diversified mass media/venture capital conglomerate in the world!”


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I love opportunities where I can connect and share with audiences across diverse platforms, from festivals and symposiums, to university and corporate meetings.