“Keep in mind that I’m a artist… and I’m sensitive about my Sh!t.”


As an artistic entrepreneur, art is the foundation of all my business interests. I am a published author, an actor, a filmmaker, and I have an extensive background in the music industry.

My goal is to use my creativity to build the most significant independent diversified mass media/venture capital conglomerate in the world.

Why? Well, my WHY is to inspire people to exercise their minds to its fullest potential, so that they can live the lives they truly want. Having my own great company behind will help to facilitate this.

(btw, if you don’t know that Eryka Badu quote above, I’m not even trying to be your friend, lol.)



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The Of Music and Men project includes the American comedy-drama series created by Kayona Ebony Brown that chronicles the life of a young, single, female entrepreneur and her experiences with men as she tries to succeed in the music business and in love, all while navigating the most unlikely town for either: Washington, DC.

With an unforgettable cast of characters, Of Music and Men is the story of an ordinary young woman in a town known for making laws, who grows into the burgeoning young mogul we met in Tenth Letter, succeeding by challenging the rules. Audiences get to see the inner-workings of the independent music scene, and how a unique millennial and her single friends try to find love navigating the bleakest dating scene in the country.