DC author touted as ‘new voice’ in literary world

[one_half] Kayona Ebony Brown is making a name for herself as a “new voice” in literature with her debut novel, Tenth Letter, an entertaining yet comprehensive look at a psychosocial dynamic that is plaguing generation Y: the question, “are women the new men?”

“Women date like men and men are more in touch with their emotions,” explains Brown. “But we embrace these differences as strengths and part of our uniqueness. The problem, though, is that men and women are drifting further and further apart as a result of not being subjected to gender roles. Now, it’s as if men are from Mars and women are from… some other galaxy!”

So are millennials manically confused or just misunderstood?
Like the movies, Friends with Benefits (Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake) and No Strings Attached (Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher), Brown’s Tenth Letter novel examines the dilemma of opposite-sex intimacy and is solid evidence that Generation Y is trying to figure out how, exactly, it can attain the life it wants despite the barrage of “issues” admittedly keeping them from a mutual goal: happiness.

[/one_half] [one_half_last] As a progressive millennial herself, Brown’s insight is not just the anchor, but the foundation used to explicate this common millennial problem—a man who wants more than a friend with benefits and a woman who would rather keep strings unattached—offering a beneficial delineation of how the sexes must coexist, making the novel more than just an entertaining read, but rather a necessary one for Gen Y.
“The way women are depicted in entertainment could not have been done 30 years ago if for no other reason than it wasn’t ‘ladylike,’” Brown says. “Today, there is no finite definition of ‘ladylike.’”

Tenth Letter is the ultimate literary depiction of the modern, urban millennial relationship between the male and female of today who attempt to navigate it to the proverbial, “Happily ever after.”


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“Brown is a new voice in relationship drama… I absolutely recommend this one,”says Real Page Turners (book reviewer).

About the Author:

Kayona Ebony Brown is an author and expert on Gen Y culture and lifestyle, actress and entrepreneur from Washington, DC. She runs Brown’stone LC, which publishes her books and is the parent company to The Brown’stone Recording Company, a record label. Her debut novel Tenth Letter is available in paperback and everywhere electronic books are sold.

To arrange interviews and personal appearance, please contact Kayona via media@kayonaebonybrown.com.