Instead of borrowing the words of others, today I decided to use my own words to inspire you. When it comes to chasing your dreams, how would you define LOVE? A while ago, I introduced you … Read More


Today, let’s think about ways in which we can focus solely on this moment we’re in right now. Yesterday is done with, tomorrow has no guarantees; right now is all that matters. Wanting to be … Read More


Take a moment to denounce fear and walk into your greatness one step at a time.

Start to be great

Today, think about something you haven’t started because you doubt your ability to be great at it. Spend a few minutes considering how you can start, even if it’s a small start, in the direction … Read More

Things we left behind

Today, think about how the past might be haunting you, and take 5 minutes to just focus on what’s happening in this very moment   Source: WYHO Blog

Study while others are sleeping…

Today, take time to do the things others are not willing to do in order to be the person others only dream of being. Source: WYHO Blog


Today, spend some time reflecting on your goals, separating the short-term from the long-term.   Source: WYHO Blog

Blessed is the person who…

I’m constantly talking about taking action. Today, think about how you can be the blessing that someone else needs in their life, and watch just how blessed you feel when you do.     Source: … Read More

Blessed are those who…

Today, spend every moment you can reflecting on what you’re most grateful for, and how you can play a role in someone else’s gratefulness.   Source: New feed

The pessimist, the optimist, and the realist

Today’s words are by from William Author Ward: an acclaimed American writer born in Louisiana in 1921. Throughout his life, hundred of his articles, poems and meditations were published in various mediums. In 1970 his … Read More