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J’s life takes an interesting turn overnight. Friday evening she set out to cover the opening of Black Girl Art Gallery for Face Magazine. Saturday morning, she awakens in the bed of the gallery owner. And yes, he is beside her. And no, she doesn’t get her story before she leaves. But by Sunday night, while she’s still asking herself what happened, you’ll probably be asking yourself this: Are women the new men?

Tenth Letter explores this fascinating dynamic and the role it plays in the clashing of the sexes by introducing you to two people who share an intense desire to be with each other despite the barrage of issues hindering any real chance at success. Hers—she’s that alpha male persona: she’s selfish, rather self-centered, arrogant, and doesn’t know the first thing about how to love another person. And his big issue? Well… he picks the wrong women.

Tenth Letter is a phenomenal debut novel that will anchor many of your debates about men, women, relationships, and the reality of starting over.



“The complexity of this love story is a step above others read this year. The character development is phenomenal and the realness of the storyline strikes home. The metaphors used help the reader totally experience the pain in realizing the shortcomings of individuals. Brown is a new voice in relationship drama and the power of starting over. I absolutely recommend this one.”

– Deltareviewer for Real Page Turners

“This is a book that discreetly begs the answer to what has become the question of the 21st century, our generation: ‘Are women the new men?’ It’s a genuine story that explores the modern-day man and woman, and what it may take for us to coexist monogamously.”

– Malik B., satisfied reader

“A breath of fresh air. This book had me talking to myself, smiling, laughing, and close to tears. A great read! Page turnin’ and poetic. Wow.”

– Mondell T. Pope, Author: Both Sides of the Fence

“The character development was good… I enjoy the fact that [Brown] chose to explore what would happen if two people became involved in a relationship neither were ready for, a topic I haven’t seen written about before. As a result, TENTH LETTER offers a fresh perspective on relationship novels.”

– Stacey Seay of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers