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Episode One – Thinking of a Masterplan (PDF)
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April 13, 2017
Kenya sets out to get Lucas booked as the opener for Gavin Degraw at 9:30 Club after closing a deal to get TK an interview on the city’s top radio station. Ty tries to come to grips with her recent divorce and J tries to help her by taking her to a “professional social,” which is just a ploy to meet men. Meanwhile, Kenya meets “Dream Guy.”

Episode Two – Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number (PDF)
Coming May 11, 2017

Episode Three – Run to Daylight (PDF)
Coming June 8, 2017

Episode Four – Virtual Insanity (PDF)
Coming July 14, 2017

Episode Five – Back to Life (PDF)
Coming August 10, 2017

Episode Six – Ex-Games (PDF)
Coming September 14, 2017

Episode Seven – When I Grow Up (PDF)
Coming October 12, 2017

Episode Eight – Continuum (PDF)
Coming November 9, 2017

Episode Nine – Friendly Pressure (PDF)
Coming December 14, 2017

Episode Ten – 99 Problems (PDF)
Coming January 11, 2018

Episode Eleven – I Want You (PDF)
Coming February 8, 2018

Episode 12 – The Tipping Point (PDF)
Coming April 13, 2018