God is Not Up There

Recently, I decided to do a short film exploring some thoughts that I have, which are very difficult to explain. In short, I dislike the idea of the three-tiered language when it comes to talking about or referring to the Divine.

For instance, people talk about God being “up there,” which means we’re “down here,” and if you’re not good, then you’ll go “down there.”

I just don’t like the concept that God is so separate from us. Like, when we need or want something, we have to hope that God “comes down here” to provide it. It sounds crazy because it kinda is.

For many of us, every single day is a struggle filled with thoughts that overwhelm us that we don’t really know the answers to. And that’s okay! I think that’s part of the journey. But what makes it harder is not knowing that the Divine, the Source of everything, is right there all the time–around us, with us, and in us–so we’re not as alone as we might feel.

So, this short film is my why of trying to say that… Enjoy.